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The desire of every woman is to have her hair strands with a feather touch feel, luscious texture, and frizz-free all day. Whatever could be the hair type long or short, wavy or straight, black or brown, thick or thin, every hair type tells a story. To fulfill this desire, your hair needs the Cosmocap keratin-rich hair serum, the real care for your hair.

Designed with the goodness of VITAMIN B5, SILK PROTEIN, and KERATIN AMINO ACIDS with a scented lightweight formula. Especially for dry, damaged, and for strengthening of hair and acts as a heat protectant. The Cosmocap comes with 30 biodegradable capsules suitable to every hair type. Just twist squeeze and apply it. The Cosmocap reduces hair breakage and split ends, leaving your hair healthier and stronger than before.

“ The Best parts of the Cosmocap ”

Steps to use:

1.Gently pinch the top of the capsule, twist and pull the top off.
2.Evenly distribute the desired amount onto your hands.
3.Start by applying on the tips of your hair where it tends to be frizzy and dry and way up until about mid-length.
Cosmocap, because you care what you love.

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